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        本廠主要生產各種水處理填料系列,曝氣器,主要產品有軟性、半軟性、組合式填料曝氣器、六角蜂窩斜管、多孔球形填料、各類曝氣器、空心球、階梯環、鮑爾環、纖維球、以及各類濾水帽,另外還生產加工異形注塑產品。維持高品質產品可以確保企業永續經營,本廠將不斷完善企業機構,充分發掘專業技術, 以"誠信服務,客戶第一"為宗旨,以“綠色創造未來”為目的。愿與新老客戶精誠合作,為開創碧水藍天共同努力。

        Yixing Lvchuang Environment Protection Stuffing Factory is located in the town of national environment protection-Heqiao Town in Yixing City. The factory is specialized in developing and manufacturing stuffing for water treatment.

        The factory is specialized in producing various stuffing for water treatment, including soft, semi-soft, combined stuffing, hexangular honeycomb slop tube, roundness puffing, various aerators, hollow ball, cascade ring, Pall ring, fibrous globule and various filtering cap. Besides, other special-shaped plastic injection products are also available.

        Keep high quality to guarantee perpetual management. The factory will constantly perfect enterprise organization to develop professional technology with the concept of "honest service, customer first" and the objective of "green creating future". We are willing to cooperate with both new and old customers to create a beautiful tomorrow in common!